Why Speedometer Calibration

Were you really going that fast in Charlottesville, Virginia? Or is it possible that your speedometer is not as accurate as you might think?

Often people believe that the speedometer is good for the life of their vehicle. However, like any other mechanical part they can become out of tune over time. Here is where we come into play. In any speeding infraction, it is always best to present your case to the court with a speedometer calibration in hand.

A speedometer calibration tells the court that you are serious about the ticket and there is a reason why you invested in a speedometer calibration. Is your SpeedRight?

  • James

    Atlanta, Georgia

    "Man oh man...I'm so glad I found you guys. It's no fun going to court on a reckless driving ticket. The judge said the only reason he's reducing the ticket was because of my speedometer calibration." It was close. I…

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  • Pete

    Fredericksburg, VA

    "One happy camper. My ticket was 70/55. I was kinda bummed after you got done checking my speedometer and it was only 2 miles off. I listened to your advice. The judge reduced the ticket to defective equipment! No points on my license!…

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  • Brandon

    Rustburg, Virginia

    "Tony was quick to respond and the calibration was even quicker. Within 10 minutes I had a certified, notarized, document with my speedometer discrepancy which got my ticket reduced from a 14MPH over (3 points) to a defective equipment (0…

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Our Process

Meet Up By Appointment

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Speedometer Testing

We use the latest technology to measure the speed of your vehicle. Our certified and tested equipment is placed on your vehicle, our technician will ride in the passenger seat and capture the speed of your vehicle as you drive the vehicle. The test is performed over the road which allows us to capture the accurate speed of your vehicle. We then compare, analyze, and certified the true speed of your vehicle with the vehicles speedometer reading. We use a wave length system to measure the speed and capture the speed. Because we use this system, the courts have taken judicial notice to this process which means the certificate you receive from us is court accepted.

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Notarized Affidavit

Court Accepted

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